CaptivCast™ Voted Most Innovative Product by Healthcare Design Magazine

CaptivCast™ digital signage solution for hospitals and healthcare systems was recently voted Most Innovative Product by Healthcare Design Magazine.

Nominated by Chief Marketing Officer Gustavo Friedrichsen of Palomar Pomerado Health, CaptivCast™ creators, Tom Brand and Mark Scheil, created CaptivCast™ due to the demand within the healthcare industry for a flexible, visual communication solution that enhances the exchange of information between internal and external audiences within the healthcare environment.

With Brand’s extensive background in healthcare marketing, he was able to collect a surplus of client insight for the initial design of the CaptivCast™ digital signage solution. Once development platforms were considered that allowed for an easily scalable solution with simple installation and setup for both large and small healthcare organizations, CaptivCast was born.

CaptivCast™ is an easy-to-use digital signage solution that combines robust features such as automated scheduling, a custom ad maker, loop designer, media library manager and system configuration.

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