CaptivCast™ Digital Signage Security

CaptivCast™ Digital Signage Security and Dispersed Authorship

Whether operated by one user or dozens at your hospital, the CaptivCast™ environment is a secure one that provides precision administrative permissions.
No matter how many media players or screens exist on your CaptivCast™ digital signage system, hospital administrations can create a virtually unlimited combination of users and permissions.

Want certain people to have access to certain screens, but others to only have access to other screens? The CaptivCast™ Administration not only makes it possible, but extremely easy to accomplish.

What is Dispersed Authorship?


Dispersed authorship: is a term borrowed from Website content management systems, otherwise known as CMS. Since content is often the most valuable part of a Website, the more contributors a Website has, the stronger it is.
However, the more access to the system, the less likely there is centralized control or consistency over content. Dispersed authorship creates a hierarchy for who can see the content, upload content, edit content, or publish content.

With CaptivCast™, dispersed authorship is taken one step further with the ability to determine not only who can do what, but where they can do it on the digital signage system.

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